As is tradition, many European monarchs have given Christmas messages this year. In this post, you may watch the messages from the Belgian, Luxembourgish, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, and British kings, queens, and grand duke – you can also read English-language commentary on their messages. Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Prince Albert of Monaco, King Harald of Norway deliver their messages on the occasion of the New Year.

Belgium: HM The King
Head of House since 2013: His Majesty King Philippe I of the Belgians (*1960)

Belgian king calls for government to be formed ‘quickly’

Luxembourg: HRH The Grand Duke
Head of House since 2000: His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (*1955)

The Grand Duke’s moving Christmas speech
Grand Duke appeals for solidarity in Christmas message

The Netherlands: HM The King
Head of House since 2013: His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (*1967)


Romania: HM The Custodian of the Crown
Head of House since 2017: Her Majesty Margarita, Custodian of the Crown (*1949)

Spain: HM The King
Head of House since 2014: His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain (*1968)

Spain’s King defends Constitution in Christmas Eve address
Spain’s King Felipe calls for national unity in Christmas Eve address

Sweden: HM The King
Head of House since 1973: His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (*1946)

Sweden’s King Carl Gustaf Addresses His Surprising Decision to Strip Grandkids of Royal Titles

United Kingdom: HM The Queen
Head of House since 1952: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (*1926)

Queen acknowledges ‘bumpy’ year as royal family attends Christmas services
Queen’s Christmas message: Monarch ‘struck’ by climate activists’ ‘sense of purpose’
Queen’s Christmas Message Acknowledges a ‘Bumpy’ Year for U.K.

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