Today, the engagement of Princess Beatrice of Prussia and Edmund Jenner was announced. 

Beatrice Prinzessin von Preußen.
Nicholas Prinz von Preußen and Victoria Prinzessin von Preußen.

Princess Beatrice Victoria of Prussia (b.1981) is the eldest child of Prince Frederick Nicholas of Prussia (b.1946) and his wife Princess Victoria (b.1952; née Mancroft). Beatrice is an printmaker. She is a second cousin of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, Head of the Royal House. Beatrice’s paternal grandparents are Prince Friedrich of Prussia (1911-1966) and Lady Brigid Guinness (1920-1995). Beatrice’s maternal grandparents are Stormont Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft (1914-1987), and Diana Lloyd.

Edmund Jenner.
HM The Queen with Miles Jenner.

Edmund Henry Jenner (b.1984) is the son of Miles Jenner and his wife Sally (née Abbott). The Jenner family works in the brewery industry.

Our congratulations to Beatrice and Edmund on their engagement!

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