Death notice of Leo Habsburg, Archduke of Austria.

On Monday, 3 February 2020, Archduke Leo Stefan of Austria died at Lochen am See, Austria. He was ninety-one years-old. Leo Stefan was buried on Saturday, 8 February 2020, at the Pfarrkirche Lochen am See. The archduke belonged to the Teschen line of the Austrian imperial family.

Archduke Leo Karl of Austria.
Countess Marie Clotilde von Montjoye-Vaufrey et de la Roche.

Born on 12 June 1928 at Zywiec in Poland, Leo-Stefan Maria Carl Wolfgang Rudolf Fidelis Habsburg was the eldest son and fourth child of Archduke Leo Karl of Austria (1893-1939) and Countess Marie Clotilde “Maja” von Montjoye-Vaufrey et de la Roche (1893-1978). The 1922 marriage of Leo Karl and Maja was considered to be morganatic; therefore, their children did not bear the titles of their father’s dynasty. This situation was reversed by Archduke Otto and his son Archduke Karl, Heads of the Imperial House of Austria, who decreed that male-line descendants of archdukes who had contracted morganatic marriages would be upgraded to the title of Count(ess) von Habsburg and, later, to the title of Archduke/Archduchess of Austria. 

The five children of Archduke Leo Karl of Austria and Countess Maja von Montjoye-Vaufrey.

Leo Stefan had three older siblings: Maria Desiderata (1923-1988; married and divorced Count Wolfgang von Hartig), Mechthildis (1924-2000; married Count and Marchese Manfred Piatti), Elisabeth (1927-2014). Leo Stefan had one younger brother, Hugo (1930-1981; married Eleonore Kristen). 

Archduke Leo Stefan of Austria.
In 1962, Archduke Leo Stefan of Austria married Gabriela Kunert (1935-1975). The couple had three children: Isabella (b.1962; married and divorced Andreas Fehr), Albrecht (b.1963; married and divorced Nadja Würfel; married Carmen Eckstein), and Karl Stefan (b.1967). Leo Stefan and Gabriela divorced in 1969. In 1973, Archduke Leo Stefan married Heidi Aigner (b.1942). The couple had four children: Philipp (b.1974), Anna (b.1977), Valerie (b.1982), and Leo (b.1985). 
Archduke Leo Stefan was survived by his wife Heidi, his seven children, and his six grandchildren (Jessica, Corvinus, Leon, Elias, Julia, and Samuel).

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