Prince Pedro Alberto and Princess Alessandra at the altar.
Photo (c) Princess Maria Gabriela of Orleans and Bragança.

Over the weekend, members of the Brazilian imperial family gathered at Petropolis as Prince Pedro Alberto de Orleans e Bragança and his wife Princess Alessandra renewed their wedding vows. Pedro Alberto and Alessandra celebrated their marriage on 3 July 2021 in Rio de Janeiro. Pedro Alberto (b.1988) is the son of Prince Alberto de Orleans e Bragança (b.1957) and Princess Maritza (b.1961; née Ribas Bokel). Pedro Alberto is a grandson of Prince Pedro Henrique of Brazil (1909-1981) and Princess Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria (1914-2011). Alessandra Haegler Fragoso Pires (b.1994) is the daughter of Rafael Fragoso Pires (1957-2020) and Bettina Alessandra Haegler.

Prince Antonio, Princess Maria Gabriela, and Princess Christine.
Photo (c) Pro Monarquia.
Prince Rafael, Prince Antonio, two unidentified gentleman (likely Princes of Orleans and Braganza), and Hereditary Prince Henri de Ligne.
Photo (c) Pro Monarquia.
Prince Imperial Bertrand of Brazil and Prince Michel de Ligne in the centre.
Photo (c) Pro Monarquia.

Our best wishes to Prince Pedro Alberto and Princess Alessandra!

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