Andrea Torlonia and his wife Sania Imperiali in Rome, 1992.
Photograph (c) Marcellino Radogna.


Aged just fifty-nine, Don Andrea Torlonia dei duchi di Poli e Guadagnolo died in June 2021. He is survived by his mother Donna Ines, his brother Don Guido, his wife of over thirty years, Donna Sania Imperiali dei Principi di Francavilla, and their four children: Don Giovanni, Don Manuele, Donna Flavia, and Donna Vera. Andrea was a first cousin of Don Giulio Torlonia, Duca di Poli e di Guadagnolo; Andrea was a third cousin of Don Giovanni Torlonia, Principe di Civitelli Cesi.

Ines Theodoli and Giovanni Torlonia at the 1960 Ballo dei Re, Naples.
Source: Corriere del Mezzogiorno.

Born at Rome on 6 September 1961, Andrea Torlonia was the first child of Don Giovanni Torlonia dei duchi di Poli e Guadagnolo (1931-1981), a doctor, and Agnese “Ines” Theodoli dei Marchesi di San Vito e Pisoniano (b.1941), who wed in 1960. Andrea was followed by a younger brother, Don Guido Torlonia (b.1963). 

May Andrea Rest in Peace.

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