Left to right: Archduke Georg, Archduke Michael, Archduke Eduard, and Archduchess Christiana of Austria in Budapest.
Photo (c) Eduard Habsburg.

Today, His Holiness Pope Francis I paid a quick trip to Hungary. During the course of his visit, the Holy Father met with religious leaders of many faiths and also had a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban. On hand to welcome Pope Francis were the Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See, Archduke Eduard of Austria (aka Eduard Habsburg), his parents Archduke Michael and Archduchess Christiana, and his cousin Archduke Georg, the Hungarian Ambassador to France.

Archduke Eduard and Pope Francis at Budapest Airport.
Photo (c) Catholicus Laicus.

According to the archducal ambassador, the Pontiff shared a frequent joke between the two: “Why will we speak Hungarian in heaven? Because it takes an eternity to learn it!

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