Prince and Landgrave Otto of Hesse

Today, 17 May, Prince and Landgrave Otto of Hesse lost his life following injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The incident took place this morning near Lindau am Bodensee. Otto Hessen was fifty-five years-old.

Otto was born at Oldenburg on 19 January 1965 as the second son and last child of Prince and Landgrave Wilhelm of Hesse (b.1933) and Oda-Mathilde von Garmissen (1935-2017), who married in 1961. Otto had an older brother, Wilhelm (b.1963). Otto’s paternal grandparents were Prince and Landgrave Wilhelm of Hesse (1905-1942) and Princess Marianne of Prussia (1913-1983).

On 8 September 1998, Otto married Carla Blickhaäuser (b.1974) in Las Vegas. The couple, who divorced in 2017, have four children: Prince Max (b.1999), Princess Elena (b.2000), Prince Moritz (b.2007), and Prince Leopold (b.2009). Otto of Hesse was an entrepreneur, a practitioner of the Korean martial art hapkido, and an avid motorcycle rider. According to royal genealogist Daniel Willis, Prince Otto was 1461th (or thereabouts) in the line of succession to the British throne.

May Otto Rest In Peace.

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