We have recently learned of the religious marriage of Prince Berthold of Baden and Nina Schröder on 28 August 2021; the couple civilly married in 2020. In addition to this delightful news, it has been ascertained that the couple has welcomed a daughter, Princess Hilda, in February 2021. Princess Hilda is the first and only grandchild of Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne of Baden.

Prince Berthold of Baden in 2003 at the marriage of his cousin Prince Philipp of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.
Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne of Baden with their children at the wedding of Duchess Fleur of Württemberg in 2003.
Photo (c) Seeger-Presse.

Born on 8 October 1976, Prince Berthold Ernst-August Emich Rainer of Baden is the only son of Prince Ludwig of Baden (b.1937) and his wife Princess Marianne (b.1943; née Auersperg-Breunner). Berthold has two sisters: Princess Sophie (b.1975) and Princess Agläe (b.1981; married Wolf von Trotha). 

Although we cannot know for certain, it is possible that Prince Berthold and Princess Nina of Baden decided to name their baby daughter Princess Hilda after Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden (1864-1952; née Nassau), who was the wife of Grand Duke Friedrich II of Baden.

For more about the marriage of Prince Berthold and Princess Nina of Baden, please do read this lovely report from royal researcher and genealogist Netty Liestra: A Romantic Wedding in Amorbach

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