Prince Ernst August of Hannover

Yesterday, there was quite a turbulent occurrence at the hunting lodge in Grünau im Almtal (Upper Austria) owned by Prince Ernst August of Hannover.

According to the police record, Ernst August made an emergency call at around 1 a.m. on Wednesday night: he said that he was in the ditch and was being murdered. Upon arrival at the scene, the officers found two people – a man and a woman – but there was no trace of Ernst August.

The police finally found the prince in his hunting lodge at Grünau. There Ernst August is reported to have reacted irritably towards the man and woman, who had come with the police. The prince stormed out of the house and ordered the couple to get off his property.

After returning to his house, Ernst August told officials that the man had tried to kill him three times by not giving the prince his medication. According to the police record, Ernst August then became increasingly aggressive and grabbed one of the two officers by the head. The police officer reacted in a defensive manner. Then the prince threatened the police with a knife sharpener. The officers then knocked the instrument out of Ernst August’s hand and pinned him to the ground.

Somehow, shortly thereafter, the prince managed to hit one of the police officers in the face. Ernst August was restrained again. Prince Ernst August of Hannover was then admitted to the psychiatric facility in Vöcklabruck on the orders of a doctor who had since arrived on the scene.


Prince Ernst August of Hannover is sixty-six years-old. He is the Head of the Hanoverian Royal House. Since 1999, he has been married to Princess Caroline of Monaco; however, the couple have been separated for many years. Ernst August has a personal and familial history of substance use issues.

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