Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg

Today, Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg, Countess of Holstein-Ledreborg, celebrates her ninety-fifth birthday! She is the sister of the late Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and the aunt of Grand Duke Henri.

Princess Marie Gabrielle Aldegunde Wilhelmine Louise of Luxembourg was born on 2 August 1925 at Berg Castle, Luxembourg. The princess was the third daughter and fourth of the six children of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband Prince Félix.

Newlyweds: Count Knud of Holstein-Ledreborg and Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg.
Knud and Marie Gabrielle with their seven daughters.

In August 1951, the engagement was announced between Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg and Count Knud of Holstein-Ledreborg. On 5 November 1951 at Colmar-Berg, Princess Marie Gabrielle civilly married Count Knud of Holstein-Ledreborg (b.2 October 1919). Knud was the son of Count Josef of Holstein-Ledreborg (1874-1951) and Countess Christina Hamilton. Count Knud and Princess Marie Gabrielle celebrated their religious wedding the following day on 6 November 1951. The couple had seven daughters: Countess Monica (b.1952; married Henrik de Dompierre de Jonquières), Countess Lydia (b.1955; married Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma), Countess Veronica (b.1956; married François de Pottere), Countess Sylvia (b.1958; married John Munro of Foulis), Countess Camilla (1959-2010; married Baron Eric Bertouch-Lehn), Countess Tatiana (b.1961; married Mark von Riedemann), and Countess Antonia (b.1962; took religious orders and became a nun in 1992).

Count Knud of Holstein-Ledreborg passed away on 25 June 2001 at the age of eighty-one. Knud had suffered from cancer. His funeral took place on 30 June 2001 at Ledreborg.

Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg, Countess of Holstein-Ledreborg, lives at Ledreborg in Denmark.

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