Today, we received the first shipment of copies of Arturo Beéche and Ilana Miller’s newest collaboration, THE GRAND DUCAL HOUSE OF HESSE!

The book is 336 pages, contains over 400 beautiful photographs, and has six [ages of family trees. It promises to become the definitive English language work on the Grand Dukes of Hesse!

You can purchase the book on AMAZON:

Or by direct order at:

Eurohistory & Kensington House Books

6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights, CA 94805
Phone: 510.236.1730
Arturo Beéche holding the first copy of the book!
The Grand Ducal House of Hesse’s Coat of Arms
Hereditary Princess Amalie of Baden (née Hesse-Darmstadt)

Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus and his family…Georg Donatus holding Alexander, Cecilie holding Johanna, Ludwig (1936). Four of the five in this image would perish tragically in an air crash in Steen, Belgium, November 1937.
Prince Ludwig and Princess Margaret with their niece Princess Johanna. Sadly, the little princess died in 1939 of meningitis.
Ludwig and Margaret were married for over thirty years, but were childless. He died in 1968, there last Hesse and by Rhine; Peg, as his wife was called, died in 1997.

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