On 10 July 1952 at Beloeil, Archduchess Alexandra Maria Anna Philippa Othonia of Austria was born as the second child and first daughter of Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918-2007) and Archduchess Yolande (b.1923; née Princess de Ligne), who wed in 1950. Archduchess Alexandra had an older brother and two younger siblings: Archduke Rudolph (b.1950; married Baroness Marie Hélène de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck), Archduke Carl Christian (b.1954; married Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg), and Archduchess Constanza (b.1957; married Fürst Franz Josef von Auersperg-Trautson). 

The Riesle/Habsburg family.
Archduchess Alexandra of Austria and Héctor Guillermo Riesle Contreras (b.1943), the son of Oscar Riesle and his wife Ventura Contreras, were married in civil and religious ceremonies in September 1984 in Belgium. Héctor Riesle Contreras, the husband of the archduchess, was the former Chilean ambassador to Belgium and the Holy See. In April 1974, Héctor Riesle presented his credentials to Pope Paul VI: 
Hector Riesle, a thirty-one year-old former professor of legal history and philosophy, presented his credentials to Pope Paul as the first ambassador nominated by the Chilean junta. In his brief address, Riesle noted that Chile “having recently suffered the greatest crisis in its history, now looks to the future with renewed hope.” After mentioning that the Government of Chile is determined to achieve national unity on the basis of solidarity of free men, the new ambassador stated that his government was well aware that this will be impossible without a moral renewal comprising “freedom, responsibility, respect, understanding and brotherhood, cemented in the natural and inviolable rights of the human person.” Riesle closed his remarks with a special greeting to the Pope from the government junta. Seizing on Riesle’s description of the recent crisis, in his reply, Pope Paul recalled his interest in and preoccupation for Chile, “We have not ceased and will not cease to follow with the same lively and paternal solicitude the problems and the difficulties still existing.”
The couple have three children: Felipe Riesle de Habsburgo-Lorena (b.1986; married Pilar García-Huidobro Echeverría), Sofia Riesle de Habsburgo-Lorena (b.1987; married Rodrigo Risopatrón Montero), and Constanza Riesle de Habsburgo-Lorena (b.1989; married Sebastián Prieto Donoso). 
To learn more about the charitable activities of Archduchess Alexandra within the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, please read this article: Faces of the Fund: Interview with Alexandra de Habsburgo-Lorena de Riesle

Our best wishes to Archduchess Alexandra on her birthday!

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