Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma in Palm Beach, 2018.

Today, at an event in Paris commemorating the death of King Louis XVI of France, Prince Charles Emmanuel of Bourbon-Parma announced that his older brother Prince Eric had recently died. Having been ill with cancer for some time, Eric of Bourbon-Parma passed away on 20 January 2021 at 11:55pm at the Palm Beach home of his partner Veronica Boswell. The prince was sixty-seven years-old.

Born at Copenhagen on 28 August 1953, Prince Eric (also known as Erik) Marie Joseph René Michel Pierre of Bourbon-Parma was the first son and second child of Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma (1926-2018) and Princess Yolande de Broglie (1928-2014). Eric had four full siblings: Princess Inès (1952-1981), Princess Sybil (b.1954), Princess Victoire (1957-2001), and Prince Charles Emmanuel (b.1961). 

On 8 August 1980 at Ledreborg, Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma married his cousin Countess Lydia of Holstein-Ledreborg (b.1955). The couple had five children: Princess Antoinette (b.1981; married Martin Krusbæk), Princess Marie Gabrielle (b.1982), Princess Alexia (b.1985; married Fabian Davis), Prince Michel (b.1989), and Prince Henri (b.1991; married Archduchess Gabriella of Austria). Prince Eric and Princess Lydia of Bourbon-Parma divorced in 1999.

May the Prince Rest in Peace.

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