La Duquesa de Plasencia.
Don Carlo Ruspoli, Duca di Morignano, and Doña María da Gracia de Solís-Beaumount y Téllez-Girón, Duquesa de Plasencia. 

On 20 February 2021, Doña María de Gracia, Duchess de Plasencia died at Madrid. She was sixty-three years-old. The duchess had been a nurse with the Spanish Red Cross and was a Dame of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as well as of the Constantinian Order of Saint George. María de Gracia was a second cousin once removed of Doña Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba, Duchess de Medinaceli (1917-2013).

The wedding of the Duchess de Osuna and Don Pedro de Solís-Beaumont, 1946.
Doña Angela, Duchess de Osuna, with her daughters Doña María de Gracia, Duchess de Plasencia, and Doña Angela, Duchess de Arcos.

Doña María de Gracia de Solís-Beaumont y Téllez-Girón was born at Madrid on 12 March 1957. She was the younger daughter of Don Pedro de Solís-Beaumont y Lasso de Vega (1916-1959) and Doña Angela María Téllez-Girón y Duque de Estrada, Duchess de Osuna, etc. (1925-2015), who married in 1946. María de Gracia had one older sister: Doña Angela de Solis-Beaumont y Téllez-Girón, Duchess de Arcos (b.1950). In 1963, María de Gracia’s mother remarried Don José Maria de Latorre y Montalvo (1925-1991). From this marriage, María de Gracia had two half-sisters: Doña María del Pilar de Latorre y Téllez-Girón, Duchess de Uceda (b.1965), and Doña María de la Asunción de Latorre y Téllez-Girón Montalvo, Duchess de Medina de Rioseco (b.1968). 

The Duchess de Plasencia with her mother the Duchess de Osuna.
Photograph (c) Don Carlo Ruspoli.
Doña María de Gracia Ruspoli y Solís-Beaumont, Marquesa del Villar de Grajanejos.

On 11 October 1975, Doña María de Gracia de Solís-Beaumont y Téllez-Girón married Don Carlo Ruspoli, Duca di Morignano (b.1949). The Duke di Morignano and the Duchess de Plasencia had one child: Doña María de Gracia Ruspoli y Solís-Beaumont (b.Madrid 16 June 1977), Marquesa del Villar de Grajanejos. On 28 November 2009, the Marchioness del Villar de Grajanejos married Don Javier Isidro González de Gregorio y Molina (b.Madrid 7 November 1971). Doña María de Gracia and Don Javier have two children: Doña María de Gracia González de Gregorio y Ruspoli (b.2015) and Doña Blanca Micaela González de Gregorio y Ruspoli (b.2018).

The Duchess de Plasencia and the Duke di Morignano.
María de Gracia de Solís-Beaumont y Téllez-Girón, Duchess de Plasencia, is survived by her husband Carlo, her daughter María de Gracia and her son-in-law Javier, and her granddaughters María de Gracia and Blanca.
May the Duchess Rest in Peace.

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