The Radziwill Tiara
Photograph (c) Hindman

The tiara worn by Princess Eugenie of Greece and Denmark at her wedding to Prince Dominick Radziwiłł will be sold on 7 December 2020 in Chicago by the auction house Hindman. Bidding is currently at $4,400, although it is likely that the tiara will fetch much more due to its historical value. The auction house notes the following about the tiara’s condition and composition: “Containing numerous old mine, rose and mixed cut diamonds weighing approximately 18.00-20.00 carats total and seven diamond simulants. Mounted in silver-topped gold. Formerly from the Collection of the House of Habsburg by descent through the the Radziwill family. Worn by Princess Eugenia (daughter of Princess Marie Bonaparte and Prince George of Greece and Denmark) for her 1938 wedding to Prince Dominik Radziwill. The tiara’s seven main diamonds have been removed and replaced with paste by a previous owner.” The tiara was part of a dispute in 1949 between Princess Eugenie and Prince Dominick after the failure of their marriage, when the prince took a number of jewels (including the Radziwill Tiara and a necklace of Habsburg provenance) from a safety deposit box. 

After-note: The tiara (and accompanying Habsburg pin) sold for $68,750.



Diamond Pear-shaped Tiara | Wedding Diadem Princess Radziwill


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