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Here are the week’s best seller results of the top 5 bestselling books!

NUMBER 1: 58% percent of top-5 book orders were for purchases of our newest book…ROYAL COLLECTIONS IV: THE GRAND DUCAL HOUSE of HESSE!
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When Arturo E. Beéche founded Eurohistory in 1997, he envisioned the creation of a library of royal books encompassing all of Europe’s ruling and formerly ruling dynasties. Two decades later, and after more than 30 books and over 120 issues of Eurohistory, the royalty journal he founded in 1997, we bring you The Grand Ducal House of Hesse. This is the third German dynasty that Eurohistory publishes a book about, the first two being the Ducal House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and the Royal House of Bavaria (Volume I). This project is the culmination of more than two decades of research conducted by the authors. Beéche having already cooperated on several books and articles with Ms. Miller, a regular contributor to Eurohistory, pairing for another collaborative project was seamless. The Hesse and by Rhine Dynasty is one which Ms. Miller, better-known for her extensive work on the four daughters of Grand Duchess Alice of Hesse and by Rhine, with particular interest on Victoria Milford Haven, also feels passionately about. The result of years of research in Europe allowed Ms. Miller a unique insight into the lives of these four tragic sisters. The storyline begins in 1567. This was the year when the sons of Landgrave Philip “the Magnanimous” divided his vast lands among them. All branches of the Hessian dynasty stem from this territorial division. The Grand Ducal House of Hesse and by Rhine is among the most important German dynasties. Its members form a kaleidoscope of unique human beings: military and religious leaders, peculiar and heroic figures, talented artists and scientists, patrons of the arts and music, visionary and romantic architects, lucky and tragic people, dilettantes more interested in passing by than making a mark. They simply had it all. Their mark, not only in Darmstadt, but also throughout the Rhineland, is palpable in nearly every aspect of the region’s history, arts, letters, music, and architecture.


NUMBER 2: 17% percent of top-5 book orders were for purchases of … SISTERS: Daisy of Pless and Shelagh, Duchess of Westminster!


NUMBER 3: 16% percent of top-5 book orders were for purchases of … THE OTHER GRAND DUKES: Sons and Grandsons of Russia’s Grand Dukes!

Included in this unique work, the Second Volume in a two-volume series, are 18 biographies of Russian grand dukes. These were the junior lines of the Russian Imperial Family at the time of the Revolution in 1917: Vladimirovichi, Pavlovichi, Konstantinovichi, Nikolaevichi and Mikhailovichi. The book is illustrated with exquisite and rare photographs of these intriguing men, their families and descendants. It also includes several family trees. The chapters were authored by some of today’s most recognised authors and scholars on the Romanov Dynasty.


NUMBER 4: 5% percent of top-5 book orders were for purchases of … THE FOUR GRACES: Queen Victoria’s Hessian Granddaughters!

Eurohistory brings you Ilana Miller’s amazing story of Victoria, Elisabeth, Irene and Alix of Hesse and by Rhine, Queen Victoria’s Hessian granddaughters, The Four Graces. This excellent book covers the lifespan of these four very tragic sisters. Ms. Miller did extensive research to bring us closer to the four sisters of Hesse. The thrilling narrative is certain to keep the reader grasped as the lives of these women unfold. Handsomely illustrated with unique photos of the Hessian sisters and their descendants, this hardbound book promises to become a “must-read” for anyone interested in European royal history and the Russian Imperial Family. The book also includes several family trees helping the reader place the extensive cast of characters in historical perspective.


NUMBER 5: 4% percent of top-5 book orders were for purchases of … ROYAL COLLRECTIONS III: The Royal House of Bavaria, Volume 1.

The Wittelsbachs ruled over Bavaria and the Rhineland Palatinate for nearly 750 years, this fact made their dynasty one of Europe’s longest-ruling families. Theirs is a history of not only sublime exaltation, but also deep and sorrowful loss. They were patrons of the arts and letters, incredible builders, scientists, politicians, visionaries, and maddening personalities. This first volume covers the history of the family from its beginning in the XI century to the life of Crown Prince Rupprecht, who died in 1955. In fact, the book is dedicated to him, “the best king Bavaria never had.”

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